Auto Vault Club

A one-of-a-kind exclusive membership club for car fanatics and lovers of the finer things. We offer full-service concierge and are purveyors of truly unique vehicles.

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The Auto Vault Club is an exclusive membership club for car enthusiasts who appreciate luxury and excellence. We offer unparalleled access to unique and sought-after vehicles, along with bespoke services tailored to our members’ discerning tastes.


Our members are passionate car aficionados and lovers of the finer things. They seek exceptional experiences, whether it’s driving rare vehicles, utilizing our full-service concierge, or connecting with like-minded enthusiasts. At Auto Vault Club, they find a community that elevates their lifestyle.


At Auto Vault Club, we focus on investing in liquid hard assets that appreciate over time. Our strategy involves acquiring and maintaining high-end, rare vehicles that offer both exhilarating experiences and sound financial investments. Enjoy luxury car ownership while securing your financial future with appreciating assets.



The Auto Vault Team.

At AutoVault, our team comprises experts with high expertise in the automotive industry. With extensive knowledge and experience in procuring rare and highly desirable vehicles, our team ensures that our members can access the most exclusive and sought-after cars. We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and expertise to our valued members.

CEO / Founder

Konstantin Gore

An avid car enthusiast with a lifelong passion for the automotive world. Thrilled by the opportunity to work in the car space, he has channeled his love for vehicles into a successful career. Approximately ten years ago, he owned and operated a car retail dealership, gaining valuable experience and insights into the industry.

With a strong background in finance and technology, he has spent recent years specializing in these fields. Now, he has seamlessly merged his financial expertise with his passion for cars to create AutoVault. His unique blend of skills and dedication drives our mission to offer the finest and most exclusive automotive experiences to our members.

Acquisitions & Strategic Partnerships

Paul Portnoy

Paul has an innate ability to source and acquire the most rare and highly desirable vehicles. His extensive knowledge of the market and robust network of industry contacts ensure that AutoVault’s collection remains exclusive and unparalleled. Paul’s expertise and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to the team, driving the company’s mission to provide exceptional vehicles to our members.
Founding Partner & Operations Manager

Aleksandra Gore

Aleksandra Egorov is an expert in management and operations, bringing a wealth of experience from running multiple successful businesses with her husband. Her strategic insight and operational expertise have been instrumental in streamlining processes and ensuring smooth day-to-day activities at AutoVault. Aleksandra’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction has significantly contributed to the growth and success of AutoVault. Her role in client acquisitions and operations management helps maintain the high standards and exceptional service that our members have come to expect.

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